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Director : Tim McCann

Stars : Kathryn Erbe, Dylan Baker, Bailey Chase, Amy Spanger, Susan Pourfar, Craig Walker, Johnny Hopkins, Dante Nero, Vic Noto, Jacinto Taras Riddick, Lord Jamar, Gina Petronella, Savvy Crawford, Rick Zahn, Tarik Lowe, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Jesse Dean Peterson, Michael Oshins, Emily Gardner, Benjamin Brant Bickham, Nate DeBell, Andrew DeBell, Enrique Pizarro, Jacob Devik

Rating : 10

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Watch No Beast So Fierce Soap2day Full HD, The movie was first seen in the cinemas in 2016. It is categorized as Thriller, Drama genres. Soap2day provied streaming video and subtitles where you can watch it for free in high quality HD.
short description about the movie : Released after 20 years in prison, ex-con Charlie Sundstrom (Bailey Chase) returns to his home town to find that his estranged son, who has disappeared into the criminal underworld, is being hunted by a ruthless gang leader. Charlie enlists the help of a rogue corrections officer (Dylan Baker), to help in the search. But the corrections officer has a tragic past of his own. Soon their desperate lives will clash in a game-changing climax. In the tradition of films like 'Se7en', 'The Usual Suspects' and 'Angel Heart', 'No Beast So Fierce' draws much of its meaning and power from its shocking ending.

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