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Director : João Miller Guerra,Filipa Reis

Stars : Miguel Moreira,Isabel Muñoz Cardoso

Rating : 92,0

Story on Soap2day Djon Africa :

Watch Djon Africa Soap2day Full HD, The movie was first seen in the cinemas in 2018. It is categorized as Drama, Crime genres. Soap2day provied streaming video and subtitles where you can watch it for free in high quality HD.
short description about the movie : Miguel —alias Tibars, alias “Djon África,” born and raised in Portugal— is a kindhearted Rastafarian who loves women and lives a carefree life. Until one day a stranger tells him he's the spitting image of his father, “a player and a crook.” His father, whom he never even knew! This intriguing discovery makes him change tack. Particularly when his grandmother, who always took care of him, finally tells him how his father was in prison; how sad Miguel was as a toddler when he couldn't see him; how his father was banished to Cape Verde. Miguel goes there to visit him. Who is this man?

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